Play For Peace

YTF developed an educational game to be used along with the PeaceOpoly curriculum. The game tests youth knowledge of civics in a fun and interactive way through simulations of political processes and immerses players in experiences that reward making good civic-based decisions.

Each player assumes the role of an “actor” in the game of democracy and the political landscape in Nigeria, as a player moves through the game different scenarios present themselves that force youth to take a hard look at how each actor would react and how then the other actors in the game react.   Instead of simply reading about what has happened in the past, youth are challenged to look at their current communities and make decisions based on the knowledge they have developed through the years. They are no longer simply regurgitating information on world history but taking the history of their country and conflicts around the world learned in school to make the decisions necessary to move their own country forward in the peace process.

The game is currently being upgraded for the mobile platform. Be sure to register on the Citizen Forum to keep informed on when it is re-launched. .