Technology and Democracy

At Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF), we believe that access to technology improves education. Civic education is the foundation of democracy. We know that appropriate technology, like the Internet, empowers and provides an equal playing field for people all over the world.

The Internet, cell phones and related technologies are affecting social, economic and political institutions globally, particularly in nascent democracies. From promoting citizen advocacy to increasing government democracy and accountability; citizens, the public sector and civil society are using technology to enhance communication, improve access to important information and increase their efficiency resulting in strengthened democratic processes and more effective governance.

Citizen involvement is critical for enhancing democratic governance, improving service delivery and fostering empowerment. The ability of citizens, civil society organizations and other actors to hold the state accountable and make it responsive to their needs is Demand for Good Governance.

Our program participants are taught to use technology for social accountability; to evaluate government performances using quantifiable data; you are able to communicate changes in the quality of life of citizens in how elections are conducted and the quality of democracy that is practiced.